We are a group of Costa Mesans that want to protect Fairview Park as we know it, an open space passive use nature park, and to help it become one of the best nature parks in Orange County. Fairview Park is the last bit of nature we have in an otherwise built out city. Just like the best nature parks the world over, the value of this area comes from it not being developed.

Unfortunately it is currently under threat of development by recent decisions of the Costa Mesa City Council. If you are against the city council's neglect of areas that need habitat restoration and maintenance, the city council's decision to spend $650,000 on large scale municipal lighting inside the park, destroying what's left of one of the largest and oldest Native American villages in Orange County, and turning it into an urban city park with concrete sidewalks, concrete access roads, asphalt parking lots, multipurpose buildings and a lighted sports complex, then go ahead and like our facebook page below for updates and ways to get involved. We need all the help we can get.

Apart from protecting Fairview as a nature park, we are also for keeping the existing trains where they are. Eventually with proper maintenance and restored wildlife habitat, the trains will be able to provide a great low impact way to view the east side of the park and provide a one of a kind outdoor nature experience for children and adults alike.

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